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TomTom Unlocks 23% Increase in Conversions with Data Driven Attribution by Fine-Tuning Spends For Paid Search.

TomTom empowers movement. Every day millions of people around the world depend on TomTom to make smarter decisions. TomTom have developed their business activities into the sports watch category, creating easy-to-use GPS enabled sports watches that provide at-a-glance performance information. This enables runners, cyclists, and swimmers to keep moving towards their fitness goals.

The first step in the process of promoting fitness accessories on the TomTom marketplace was to get the users to the website. TomTom has a strong presence in a variety of marketing channels- Search, social and display are all a core part of the marketing strategy. In order to get a more complete picture of how Search influences conversions TomTom looked for an evidence based solution to enable accurate measurement of media mix impact.

Radon Media suggested Attribution modeling which is the process of assigning credit to different consumer interactions, such as display or search clicks, that take place prior to a sale or lead, in order to better understand the impact of different marketing channels. Looking at the CPA figures using the Model Comparison Tool report in Google Analytics, it was evident that a last-click model did not provide the full picture.

Case Study TomTom

Key Industry

  • Portable Navigation Devices
  • Technology Wearables

Key Activities

  • Search & Display
  • Analytics (Data Attribution)

The Goals

  • Address the pain point of stagnant conversion rates.
  • Resolve the landing page loading time.
  • Retain visitor attention span on the page.

The Approach

  • Pre analysis (naked eye survey).
  • Heat Map to understand visitor behavior.
  • Worked on the hypothesis framework to understand which elements might be causing the bottleneck.
  • Development of the landing page as per the inferences drawn off the analysis.
  • A/B Test using Google Tag Manager and Google optimize which did a comparative study on how conversions occurred on the original landing page vs the new page made by Radon.
  • A trial test for 36 days which gave us the final verdict on the winning page.

The Results

  • A definite spike on the conversion rates from day one on the new landing page.
  • The rate of conversion remained at 0.14% for the old page through the 36 day trial period.
  • The new landing page, over the same duration, recorded a Conversion Rate of 5.19%.

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone over at Radon Media for their tremendous support and deliverance of our PPC campaigns. They have also reduced our PPC spend and increased the quality of leads. For a young agency they have proven to have capabilities beyond our expectations.

Srinivas Kumar

Head Of Marketing, TomTom India


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