Case Study | Sport My Look

Radon Media’s Strategically Executed Campaigns Help Sport My Look Achieve 146% Increase in ROI

The Client knew search marketing played a crucial role in the purchase process. However, it did not have a clear understanding of the role of non-branded search keywords played and what affects those keywords had on branded searches and how they lead to sales.

Adwords & Analytics Case Study - Sport My Look

Key Industry

  • Clothing
  • Internet

Key Sector

  • Analytics

The Goals

  • Grow online sales and conversion by replacing an underperforming marketing campaign.
  • Maintain the ROI @2x +.

The Approach

  • Launched various Search & Display campaigns targeting Males, Females & Kids separately. Multiple relevant generic campaigns were introduced.
  • Campaigns targeting Females & Kids were the major focus in order to generate high ROI.
  • Various Campaigns & Ad Network strategies were implemented to keep the CPA in control.
  • Launched Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns to boost the ad engagement & ROI.

The Results

  • A marked uplift in online traffic, conversion and sales.
  • 150% increase in sales.
  • 146% increase in ROI.
  • Improved online brand awareness.


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