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Agni Solar Increased Traffic, Leads & Keyword Ranking (Local + Organic) through SEO.

Established in 1993, Agni Solar, A pioneer and India’s leading solar energy company in Pune, India. Market leader in rooftop solar, solar water heating, solar street lamps, solar inverters, solar water pumping system, solar water distiller, solar electricity and many more solar products.

SEO Case Study - Agni Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Key Industry

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Key Activity

  • Solar Energy

This SEO case study shows the creative approaches we’ve undertaken to increase attention to improve the website traffic, leads and keyword ranking of “Agni Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd.”
The client wanted to improve their Local & Organic search results for 5 short tail keywords and 2 additional service related queries.

We have put efforts for improving keyword ranking on Google search engine.

THE Problems

  • Firstly, we identified areas of weakness within the site before deploying a carefully executed On-Page & Off-Page campaign strategy to improve the overall authority of the site from a search engine perspective.
  • The site had many technical On-Page related issues.
  • Keywords had not performed well due to the lack of local citations & quality backlinks and hence they were poorly ranked in SERPs.

THE Actions

  • Developed a strategy to fix all the technical On-Page issues. Fixed errors like Garbage Pages, Soft 404 Errors, Broken Images, URL Structure, Meta Tags, Keyword Density, Landing Pages, and Content Duplication.
  • Researched keywords in order to assess what type of content was needed to get their website to rank higher in Google SERPs.
  • Made content promotion strategy to consistently drive local & organic keyword ranking as well as drive search traffic to the website.
  • Updated their existing images by adding ALT tags, making it easy for Google to crawl those images.
  • Added Meta descriptions and titles to the required landing pages.
  • Apart from On-Page optimization, we built a strong citation (Structured & Unstructured) and quality backlinks using different Off-Page activities.

The Results

  • Optimized website to load faster, easy to read and surf, device responsive and device friendly.
  • Built brand awareness to rank higher on the SERPs. Now, the website appears on first page in Google SERPs for many non-brand related search queries.
  • In just 3 months, we observed top notch results for 5 local + organic keywords which now rank in the top 5 positions of the Search Engine.
  • As a continuous process, monitored & tracked the website traffic & leads. After 6 months, we observed a major improvement in the client’s site which includes the following:
    -Increased site engagement and conversions in 1 month
    -Increased genuine referral leads by 228.57% in 6 months
    -Increased new users by 30.78% in 6 months
    -Increased 196 genuine organic leads in 6 months
    -Increased the number of genuine local phone calls by 48 in 90 days
  • Agni Solar continues to work with us & obtain the long-term benefits of a successful SEO campaign strategy.


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