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Lead generation is an important part of the inbound methodology. But what’s more important is to nurture those leads. Because not all leads may turn into your customers.

That’s why it is important to have a thank you page on your website. There is a high chance that a consumer may abandon your website if they don’t feel that you care about them.  

Thank you page tells your lead that you are grateful for choosing them.

But, it’s not necessary that thank you page should only thank your leads for completing the process. Just think, a user has completed a process; it means they are really interested in your business. You can use this opportunity to nurture your leads further increasing the chances of them being converted into your regular customer.

Not all leads can turn into conversions, you need to educate your lead and give them few touch points before they decide to continue with your business.     

You can use thank you page to educate your users about your products, build brand awareness, collect feedback or even increasing your ROI.

Check out the top 5 tricks you can implement in your thank you page to effectively nurture your leads and boost conversions.

  • Allow leads to know more about your offer.

Sometimes your leads need an extra push to convince them. They may have signed up to your offer but they are still clueless about what will happen next.

They have filled the form, it clearly means that they are interested in your offer, but we need to give them extra information or steps to follow in order to make them understand your offer thoroughly.  

You can add information like the benefits of signing up for this offer, the next steps to follow or why you are trying to help them?

Providing such information makes customers think that you are genuinely interested in their growth and it becomes easier for them to rely on your business.  

  • Build Trust with your leads

Customer trust contents that have reviews and user-generated feedback.  Your Thank you page is a great platform to showcase how other people or companies are benefitting using your products.

A customer can be in the awareness stage of buying your product and hence can be unsure about the credibility of your offer. Showcasing testimonials closely related to the offer can help your customer to trust you.

Do not publish irrelevant testimonials and overwhelm your lead. Publish reviews which describe how this particular offer helped a business to grow.  

Another great way to build trust is to confirm the offer. The user has just submitted their private information but what’s next? You need to reaffirm the next step taken by you in order to avoid miscommunication and confusion.

  • Promote your helpful Content

Another way to nurture your leads is to make them navigate through your other helpful content.

Not every user is familiar with your business. Using thank you page to feature your top blog posts can help them to better understand your business.

But the content you published must be at least somewhat related to your offer. You can showcase a blog post of benefits of using your product or instruction on how to use the product.

The best way to utilize this tactic is to embed a video describing the benefits of the product on your thank you page. Customers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching the product description videos.         


  • Encourage Website exploration

Many websites follow the classic practice of eliminating unwanted navigations from the landing page. So the user is made to focus on completing only one action that is completing the form.

But what if users want to navigate your website, you can use your thank you page to encourage website exploration by adding a navigation option. This trick can reduce your bounce rate significantly.  

Allow your leads to explore different aspects of your websites. This trick helps you develop a deeper relationship with your customer by understanding their intention.  

  • Encourage Social media conversions

Encourage your leads to share your content or your offer on social media.

You can provide social share icons and ask your users to share them. This way you can expose your brand to a wider audience and increase the probability of generating more leads.

You can also ask your leads to follow you on social media. Once a lead follows you on social media, they can see more of your content and understand your business and your audience reach.

A customer needs to see your business at least three to four times before they start trusting you and social media is a great platform to do that.

By asking your leads to share your offers on social media, you can encourage their friends to sign up as well.   


To summarize, I would like to say that a user must be directly taken to your thank you page after filling the form.

But instead of letting your users hit a dead end, you can use the opportunity to nurture these leads and boost your rate of conversions.

Give your leads reasons to become your customers, an opportunity to come back to your website.  

Getting quality leads is a difficult task, but what’s more difficult is to nurture those leads to turn into your customers.

You need to come up with new tricks and strategies to make your leads trust your business.

The points mentioned above are some of the tricks you can implement to nurture your leads.  


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