What is App retention?

App retention is a process of using methods like marketing, advertising, and direct sales to keep people coming back to your app.

Radon media uses these strategies to keep users engaged, active, and profitable over the long term. We tell you what aspect of your product is your customer engaged with and what makes them leave your product for another.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t helps businesses understand what next steps in product iteration are, or whether you need to pivot.

How do we do it?

To engage and retain your app users we first target them effectively.
To effectively engage users we focus on marketing efforts towards the group of users for whom your app is the best fit by creating user personas.

Following the ‘First impression lasts forever’ saying, a seamless user experience is created by our developers from the moment users download the app.

We then, add up push notifications and in-app messaging to offer timely offers and deals so that the user continues to return to your app.

Implementing these targeted messages gives 2 to 3 times higher retention rates.
To entice users to engage with your app and share their experiences we include rewards in form of discounts, freebies and offers.

Our content writers then create fresh content like new articles, images, features or levels to keep the users engaged with the app and to upsurge your social media shares.

This ensures that your innovations reach to the maximum members of your most profitable user group.

Why Us?

  • With our final data & Insights, client X achieved increase in app retention by 3-10x
  • For X, there was a 51% increase in D-3 Retention
  • Our clients saw 9.51% uplift in conversion


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